THis page, she is currently under construction.

Below is a list of the systems that we’ve built or are currently working on, listed alphabetically by system name. You can follow the links for each system to find more information, including the names of project team members, videos or images and links to relevant publications. If you’re interested in the projects that create these systems, the list of projects we’ve worked on can be found here.

afterthought1 Afterthought
automatically identifies and records cinematic highlights from multiplayer online games
annie Annie
exploits rich task-based representations of activity within game worlds to control game play.


Tool for authoring declarative representations for game environments


Tool for authoring declarative representations for game environments, bridging planning models and game engine code generation</td> </tr>


C# implementation of the popular Longbow planning system</td> </tr>


middleware component connecting planning systems, real-time execution monitors and adaptive storytelling systems</td> </tr>

Darshak [UC Santa Cruz link]
automatic generation of 3D cinematics based on models of discourse structure

decompositional, partial-order causal link planning algorithm</td> </tr>

Fabulist [Georgia Tech link]
an architecture for automated story generation and presentation.
fixitscreen FixIt</p>

intelligent games-based learning environment for learning about computer malware
</td> </tr>


service-side controller for service-oriented architecure controlling game AI</td> </tr>

iccrimesplash IC-CRIME</p>

game-based environment for crime-scene investigation
</td> </tr>

IPOCL [Georgia Tech link]
narrative planning system incorporating character intentionality and believability

initial implementation of a system for performing proactive mediation, that is, recognizing the likely plans of a player and determining how to change the unfolding game structure to best accomodate a successful narrative.</td> </tr>


tablet-based authoring tool for machinima</td> </tr>


hierarchical planning system used by discourse generators, cinematics systems and narrative systems.</td> </tr>


initial component-based architecure for intelligent control of game environments</td> </tr>


tool for kids to build their own 3D games based on STEM course content</td> </tr>


web-based interface to a range of planning algorithms</td> </tr>


infrastructure for controlling and filming scripts in 3D game worlds
</td> </tr>


service-oriented architecture for integrating intelligent control in to commercial computer games</td> </tr> </tbody> </table>